A Letter From My Head To My Heart

Who do you think you are after all? Do you even know?
I’ll admit, you're getting closer, yet you run and you turn to things that excite you.
Things that distract you. Their only purpose is to teach you through the discomfort of pain.
The lessons come down hard, a slowly dragged out torment that burns through your entire existence.
After an injury, humans are told to take time to heal, so why should this be any different with experiences?!
You jump back into something, not allowing yourself the time you needed. You become erratic and your head is unclear. You can’t seem to differentiate between what’s important to you and what’s just a diversion that disturbs your soul...
In this society, we protect our image with guns blazing and we sacrifice our hearts as if their significance holds no hierarchy to our lifeline.
The highs come crashing down every time and when you had no one left to turn to, you withered and collapsed as your core had no beating left…
Now, with only your mirror, self looking back at your tear stained cheeks, as your mascara runs down your face, it reminds you those words…’I told you so - too many times before.’
Slow down. You’re not invincible.
It was then that you decided you would no longer be a part of this cruel game. You didn't want any of it, you just wanted to be left alone, a feeling you found yourself to mean this time.
That was until you met him. The healer.
It’s when he looked up at you, those blue eyes that pierced through your stomach like bolts that shot through your entire being.
It’s when his touch made you crumble and melt and light up as if you’ve had multiple hits of caffeine injected into your body all at once.
It lies in those moments that you want to explode but you’re frozen, you can’t move, you can’t speak as your mind races, trying to search those eyes, not even certain what they're trying to find but they're lost. You don’t realize how transfixed you are until you notice how your hands have followed his, as your fingers finally brush.  
“Do you?”, your head asks your heart. “Do you dare?”

Model: Kaily Emma Smith @kailyemmasmith

Photographer: Sarah Marzukie @sarahmarzukie