A Girl & Her Camera

She hides behind her camera, aimlessly searching for a beautiful moment.
Hoping she can find what she lacks. Maybe, if she could just capture the beauty,
she could then become it.

One day she sits in her room, her camera on the night stand in front of her.
Curiously she stares into the lens, thinking how unfamiliar it feels to be on the other side. That is when she noticed it, for she could finally see herself in the reflection of her 35mm.
"I am the beauty I've been looking for," she whispers.

I am just a girl & her camera, documenting my youth. Showing the world who I can become when I am seen through this lens. Telling you a story with the stillness of one photograph. For so long I didn't understand how important it is to love yourself and to believe in your beauty. But I have found the beauty I longed for, & I am telling you, I have found myself.

Photographer & Model: @ehstephanyy