The End Of The World


If the end of the world was near, what would you do?

Knowing that your last breath was just a glimpse away,

For one last time,

Would you run for miles to feel freedom?

Or would you take the next flight,

Just to see your loved one’s smiling once more?

Would you visit a fun park to watch the sunset

from the very top of the ferris wheel?

Or would you dance through the night,

feeling the rhythm of the music take you away?

Would you do something wicked,

Just to make sure you are still alive?

Or would you spent those last hours

praying for your sins to be forgiven?

Whatever you’d choose, the end is far away.

And the earth keeps spinning around.

And you just lean back,

Thinking that you’ve got all the time in the world,

Not realizing that every day could be your last,

Not knowing that every second has to be cherished,

Not noticing all the great opportunities that are just waiting for you to take on.

What will you do next?


Photographer: Jolie Price @jolie.price

Models: Lizzy @lizzy_west, Andrea @andreaa.aliaga, Claudia @claud_lowe, Amelia @elvisdoingcoke, kyla @kxlasmxth, Alastair