3 Outfit Ideas by Vlogger & Styling Talent Amy Lee a.k.a Amy Vagabond

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24-year-old fashion & lifestyle Vlogger and Content Creator Amy Lee a.k.a. Amy Vagabond is a badass boss woman, usually seen sporting a pair of sunnies. But the LA-based 's third main skill is actually being a hilarious and sweet older sister who gives "real" - actually helpful and professional - advice by sharing her knowledge with over 300k followers on her Youtube channel...

Exclusively for Baltisoul, Amy is giving some insight into 3 of her outfit styles. If you haven't yet seen her on Youtube though (you really missed out on that one), here's an example of what her channel is all about:

"Fashion and personal style are all about individuality, despite what you might think about following trends and being “on-trend.” At the end of the day, it truly is about expressing your authenticity because even if you copied someone’s outfit down to their accessories and nail color, the outfit would never look the same on you. Remember to have fun and to treat yourself like a work of art, a blank canvas if you will, when you get dressed. Most of all, fashion and style should be fun. Though it’s a cut-throat industry, clothing and dressing should be liberating and non-restrictive." - Amy Lee


Photographer: Ashley Seryn @ashleyseryn
Model: Amy Lee @amyvagabondd / Youtube: Vagabond Youth

Outfit 1: Cherry Cola

"I’ve really been really into street style and puffer jackets along with the color red. I think the cropped sweatshirt with the frayed denim for a laidback look. The red puffer is a statement piece that’s not only functional but also uber comfy."

Outfit 2: Gangster Movie Character

"I’ve been very much so into oversized men’s vintage blazers. They’ve been popping up everywhere on the runways and in fast fashion places so I went to my local Goodwill and thrifted this green one. I thought a monochromatic look would really pull this outfit together so I went for army green trousers with a chain for a slight ‘gangster’ look."

Outfit 3: Cozy Chic

"This sweater pulled me in due to its four sleeves! I wanted that to be the focal piece of the outfit as it’s a bit of a sweater dress as well. I tied the other sleeves and paired it with a pleated muted pink midi skirt and these angular sunglasses."