Half Price Chocolate Day


Our favorite part of Valentine's day is the day after it. We love running through the aisles of grocery or convenience stores buying clearance teddy bears and chocolates for ourselves... And maybe... Definitely some full priced rose... We laugh our way out of the store and down the street proclaiming our love for ourselves and each other. We sip our strawberry milkshakes while shaking with suppressed giggles at this red heart holiday. We scream out that love isn’t about roses or a new set of lingerie – it's about everyday feeling like free falling deeper into love without fear of heartbreak. We prefer the kind of romance that cuddles into our sides while whispering words of love to us through sleepy lips. We are the generation of open carefree hearts and romantic minds – changing the world one smile and loving gaze at a time.

Photography: @sadgirlsclub_

Model: @weslee_kate