Young Love

She had huge rings under her eyes. This one glass of Chardonnay was too much, but she really needed it though everybody could tell she never had any problems with alcohol. The cough she had was still not gone and she felt ill. After putting the kettle on the gas heat, she smoked a cigarette in the backyard on the stairs, listening to 'Grimes' soft voice on her ear-plugs. Smoking, coughing, smoking, coughing. It has never been a good combination, but that's what you have to deal with when you're 'addicted' to this by society accepted drug. She sipped from her Dieter's tea which obviously only made her feel worse. But beauty comes from pain. And pain was something she new very well.

She checked her messages. None. Asking herself if he could feel something for her, she lay down in her bed again. She was a traveler, a gypsy, a rebel. He was an open-minded, creative, but still realistic person. Did they match? Maybe in a bad 90s romance with Alicia Silverstone in the star role. Her thoughts went somewhere else.

Where did she want to go next? She never travelled to go just anywhere, but to go; to experience love, freedom and especially to experience the feeling of being alive. She always believed that if she travelled far enough she’ll meet herselves. She wanted to escape the rules and the boundaries which made her feel trapped. She just wanted to live...

Photographed by Lee Martland

Model: Bianca