I usually don't like talking about myself, but here we go! Hi, my name is Anne Cathérine. I´m a strange, adventurous person and you can read my date of birth forwards and backwards. Yep, that´s quite well. I am a 23-year old Psychology student from Germany. I have never been into this trendy, common fashion thing. I always wore what I liked, regardless what other people say.

With being a model I grew up into fashion and realized that it´s more than the booming stuff which changes 4 times a year in the stores. It´s art and out there are designers I would sell my kidney for. Besides fashion and analyzing people's minds, I love traveling and writing. I spent some months in Edinburg and want to head back to the U.K., as well as Scandinavia for new adventures. Since I am a more introverted person, I always loved to write down my thoughts to share it with the world. Now I want to share my thoughts of aesthetic and lifestyle with you as a contributing editor of Baltisoul.


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