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I'm Anna Bianca and Baltisoul is my baby. I've raised Baltisoul since the very beginning in 2012. I amEditor-In-Chief & Creative Director. I've always wanted Baltisoul to reflect the part of me that I appreciate the most - a free soul that enjoys being part of our generation's wildhearted lifestyle.

I've always been in love with the American/Californian culture, which really inspired me when Baltisoul started growing. I met Weslee, our American Creative Director, on Facebook when I was looking for other models to collaborate with. She's become one of my favourite soulmates though we've never even met in person. With her this hell of a journey would've never been slightly as f*ckin' amazing! After working for several mags, such as IDOL Magazine from London and not being able to survive without standing in front of the camera, I moved to one of my favourite spots on earth: Bondi Beach, Australia. That's where I finally designed our first issue. That's also where I had to experience the darkest chapter of my life so far, when I fell deeply in love with the wrong person; someone who turned out to be very abusive, showing me how dark this world actually looks like in reality.

However, nobody can stoll the girlboss within me. And now Baltisoul has emerged to become the first girl culture magazine + label that gives us models a voice (we are also photographers, creators, philosophers, writers,... & actually just random girls). And we got shit loads to tell this world...

Now we are family. We love & care for each other. And most important:

We inspire each other.


We all got that balti in our souls.



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