Where do I even begin? I’m still a teen. I live south of Boston, right on the ocean’s edge. But don’t get it twisted: I still have that infamous Boston attitude (which tends to get me in trouble sometimes). I’m a pretty emotional person as well…I cry just by looking at a puppy. Call it teenage misbalances.

I started modeling when I was fifteen, and ever since then my life has been flipped upside down. There have been so many opportunities in this industry. I’ve made some of my closest friends at castings, as well as make some great memories. All of these experiences have given me stories to write about- which is how I began exploring writing as a career.

Baltisoul is like a public diary, as I’m sure my fellow girls can agree, where I can take my joy, anger, sadness and turn it into a piece of art. I’m excited to share parts of my mind with you.
P.s. Did that sound odd? What I meant to say is: Get ready for a lot of teenage angst.

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